ยป RFID in Warehouse

RFID in Warehouse

RFID in Warehouse Inventory

Moving your inventory here and there; your warehouse can be messy, but RFID asset tracking can help you monitor your warehouse inventory and provide complete visibility.(RFID) Radio-Frequency Identification is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored in a tag, attached to an object. This tag can be read from several meters away.

rfid in warehouse

Benefits of RFID in Warehouse Inventory Management System:

Optimization of Warehouse Space to Increase Profits

RFIDs can help maximize factory floor utilization, reduce operating costs, improve customer service and increase production without adding additional manpower.

Vehicle Tracking

RFIDs have the ability to decrease on-site waiting time for vehicles and speed up inventory load and unload processes.
We have installed RFID system in warehouse at one of the big player in Pakistan Glass industry.

Automated Warehouse and Yard Management

RFIDs can help your company: identify shipping bottlenecks and rapidly adjust delivery schedules, access historical data on location and status of assets (without written logs), achieve increased supply chain visibility to meet SLAs and automate workflows and processes while capturing data on tracked assets across various sites.

RFID Racks

One of the most pain points in a warehouse is finding the location finished goods that have been shelved. We can solve this problem by labeling each rack with a unique ID using anti-metal RFID tags. These tags can be read by RFID enabled forklifts during the loading and unloading stage, and update the list of inventory and its location in the warehouse. RFID enabled forklifts to eliminate the need install RFID antennas throughout your warehouse to make tracking a possibility. Click Here to learn more.
RFID Forklift

RFID in warehouse