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A comprehensive and unique type of software(IEMS) that helps the educational institutes to get real time assessment of every class. Exam management software not only allows you to get the class assessment but it also enables the management to get real time information about each subject and each question. Intelligent exam software helps the educational institutes to evaluate which topic and subject need more attention of the administration.


Traditional Exam Management Vs iEMS (intelligent Exam Management Software)

Traditional Practices:

  • The whole process of creating test and evaluating scores after test is done manually
  • Traditional test system needs composing – a time consuming and money draining
  • Record of past paper maintaining is not possible.
  • Difficult to avoid question repetition or have not idea which question is repeated how many times
  • Taking surprise IQ test and quiz in printed form is difficult and time-consuming
  • Checking test, preparing results and distributing scores are hectic
  • No answer key – no cross evaluation
  • Current practices are very time consuming
  • As the number of student increases more resources are required to maintain data
  • The chances of paper leakage are more in traditional exam system
  • Result process is more time taking in current practices

IEMS – A New Era of Effective Technology

It has two different Modes
  1. Web Based Exam Software – Question Data bank, Paper Generation, Result compilation and Result card generation
  2. Computer Based Exam Test softwareReal time online paper solving & result generation at the end of the test.
IEMS Features!

This examination system allows the faculty to create, modify and store questions in a secure data bank that can be accessed from anywhere. IEMS allows the faculty to create question data of each subject with each topic which can be grouped together to sections and this section can be grouped together to form tests/examinations

  • Individual Teacher Login – Subject Specific & Class Specific Access
  • Stored repository of exams
  • Question paper with answer key for the examiner
  • Within few minutes – create an exam paper
  • Graphical Grading System
  • Can Generate Bubble Sheet
  • Can Create Result Card & its record can be accessed anytime
  • Flexible
  • Time Saver
  • Secure
  • Saves Extra Expense of composing and managing exam
  • Many more functions – its tool for better education to the students