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SKU Technologies is a software house & leading provider of RFID based supply chain management and loss prevention solutions. Founded in 2016 by a team of experts from IT, Retail, Education, Business & Financial institutions with a vision of developing end-to-end solutions that enable fashion retailers to dramatically improve inventory accuracy, reduce shrinkage, and increase shoppers’ loyalty. We have developed solutions that can be deployed within hours and require minimal training and changes to your current store processes.


SKU Technologies main area of expertise are:

1- RFID Solutions for different industries

2- Customized Software like iEMS (intelligent Exam Management Software) etc.

We say “it’s time for the emperor to change his clothes” – so the bar code inventory management has many flaws which are extra ordinarily covered by RFID (radio frequency identification devices). Now the manufacturers and retailers have to adopt RFID in order to save cost and increase profitability.


RFID technology has three major components:

1- RFID reader

2- RFID Tag / Label

3- The computer to run RFID data collection and reporting


A variety of tags are available to secure apparel, eyewear, watches, jewelry, footwear, cosmetics, play land, healthcare and more. In addition, we provide best in class RFID machines and software applications that are specifically designed to streamline operations at your store, warehouse, and supply chain.


We at SKU Technologies’ are devoted to helping retailers achieve maximum profitability through our innovative solutions and products. Many top retail chains have deployed SKU Technologies’ field-proven solutions achieving tangible benefits such as increased sales, merchandise shrink reduction, and improved store profitability.


SKU technologies is a subsidiary of Blue Chip Corporate (BCC) which has 24 years of service excellence in the field of industrial lubricants, chemicals, and metal treatment solutions. BCC major clients include companies like Atlas Honda, SUZUKI, Toyota and many more big names of the industry. BCC was established in 1993 and since then the Blue Chip Corporate has successfully established Makazii (industrial printing solutions & consumables), Azmina International, AutoChem, Bizbytes360 (management solution provider) and  SKU Technologies.


SKU Technologies is among one of the Blue Chip Corporate, companies established in 2016 with strong determination to provide auto identification and data collection solutions based on RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. SKU Technologies’ goal is to substitute the barcode scanning with wireless (RFID based) scanning with more control over theft and product duplication. We offered customized solution for Warehouse & Inventory Management, Track & Trace, Logistics and Retail etc.


Our services range from Manufacturing, Retail, HealthCare, Education & Libraries, and Logistics & distributions channel. Our competitive advantage is bespoke RFID solutions. We have team of software experts and a research division which work on latest trends in the retail, manufacturing and education sectors. SKU Technologies, is dedicated to provide customers with top quality service, fast delivery and the competitive prices in the market.


SKU Technologies’ Vision

To become the best company in Automatic Identification & Data Collections (RFID based) solution provider to manufacturers, retailers and institutes, to be known for its innovative solutions, customer centric approach and quality services.

SKU Technologies’ Mission

To help organizations optimize their operations by providing auto-identification and data capturing technology that reduces cost, increases productivity, improves data processing and eliminates human errors & theft both inside and outside the walls of the organization.